With the recent shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, schools across the country are looking to implement new security measures to prevent future incidents like this from happening to them.

Back home, Lowellville Local Schools is making several changes to its security in response to an incident at its school district in May when a student took his own life.

The district just recently put out a 13-point safety plan detailing multiple new measures the district will be taking to prevent future weapon-related incidents from happening at school.

One proposed upgrade is renting two CEIA OPENGATE portable weapon detector units to be used during regular school hours, as well as other special events as needed.

This is something parents of children in Lowellville Schools were calling for ever since the gun incident in May.

New Lowellville Superintendent, Christine Sawicki tells 21 News that the idea is to have these devices outside of the school, so weapons can be identified before a threat even steps foot into the building.

"We know that there's not 100% guarantee that something can't happen, but we do feel that within our constraints right now fiscally and personnel, that the weapon detectors are going to give us peace of mind," Sawicki said.

In addition, all security cameras in the school will be upgraded to ensure all cameras are operating on the same system to provide views of areas that were not covered before. The district has ordered new security cameras and upgrades for about $44,000. The cameras will also overlook outdoor facilities for closer monitoring.

Protective covers will also be added to the external doors of the kindergarten, elementary music and the elementary technology rooms to prevent individuals on the outside of the building from seeing inside.

All external doors and windows will also be numbered and identified appropriately to assist law enforcement in easily identifying areas of the building.

In addition to these new security measures, the district will also be offering some new resources to keep students safe and ensure they are getting the help they need.

One of these resources is a 24/7 anonymous bullying tip line that anyone can call and report any bullying incidents or school safety concerns they have. The phone number is 330-965-2848.

The district will also be partnering with Lowellville Village Council to host informational sessions and workshops for parents and community members addressing topics such as bullying, social and emotional health, substance use prevention, mental health, trauma informed practices and much more.

There will be enhanced educational programs for students on these topics as well.

The district used three different surveys to decide exactly what changes to start with, but Sawicki says the district will continue to review and add more changes as needed.