Heritage Accord announced on Thursday that it has received a matching grant in the amount of $24,575 from the Jeffris Family Foundation for the restoration and renovation of the Newton Falls Community Center.

The grant will be combined with an equal amount of funds on-hand at Heritage Accord in order to fully cover the cost of a Historical Structure Report (HSR) of the Community Center.

The HSR will be prepared by specially qualified and experienced architects and engineers and is essential to the next phase of the restoration and renovation of the Community Center.

The Community Center was originally dedicated over 80 years ago as a United Services Organization facility. The sole mission of Heritage Accord is to restore, renovate and preserve it so it can be reopened and made available for public use.

Reopening the Community Center will not only honor its historic use and structural and architectural features, but will also allow it to become a prominent, attractive facility for special gatherings and education for residents of Newton Falls and surrounding areas.

In 2017, the Community Center was recognized by both the Ohio Historical Society and Trumbull County Historical Society for its historical significance.

To donate for this project, send your donation to Heritage Accord P.O. Box 82, Newton Falls Ohio, 44444.