A new time capsule was placed at the Mahoning County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon in celebration of the Courthouse's 110-year anniversary.

The time capsule was originally dedicated in 1911 when the courthouse was first built and has now been rededicated to 2021. 

The capsule contains multiple newspapers and journals, business cards, fiscal reports, awards, photos, letters and much more.

Here is a list of everything in the time capsule:


- Volume 25, Number 3, Winter 1992 The Prosecutor Journal

- Volume 7, Issue 2, of Archetypes Journal

- Volume 15, Number 2, April 1993 of Commercial Renovation Public Spaces / Lighting

- March 1992, AIA Ohio Handbook of Architectural Firms Architypes Journal

- October 1991 Building Design & Construction Eighth Annual Reconstruction Awards

- Volume 38, Number 3, September 2021 Issue of The Business Journal

- Volume 39, Number 1, August 2022 Issue of The Business Journal

- Volume 50, Issue 1, Summer 2022 of the Mahoning Valley Historical Society Newsletter

- Volume 1, Issue 1, June 2021 Justice Journal

- Volume 1, Issue 2, September 2021, Justice Journal 

- Volume 38, Number 21, Mid-July 2022 Issue of The Business Journal

- Volume 2, 2021 of the Vindicator Almanac 

- Sunday, August 7, 2022, The Vindicator

- 2022 July / August Issue of Metro Monthly 

- Issue 2, October 2016 of Inside Mahoning County

- Issue 3, October 2017 of Inside Mahoning County

- Issue 5, Fall 2019 Inside Mahoning County

- 2021 Summer Pipelines Newsletter

- 2022 Spring-Summer Mahoning Kids Matter Newsletter


- Boak and Sons Inc. Roofing & Insulation

- Board of Mahoning County Commissioners Carol Rimedio-Righetti 

- Board of Mahoning County Commissioners Anthony T. Traficanti 

- Purchasing Director James M. Fortunato 

- County Administrator Audrey C. Tillis

- Clerk of the Board Nancy M. Laboy

- Director of Facilities Allan Landfried 

- Executive Director of Mahoning Valley Historical Society H. William Lawson

- Archivist at Mahoning Valley Historical Society Pamela L. Spies


- 2021 Mahoning County Public Health Annual Report

- 2021 Mahoning County Engineer's Office Annual Report

- 2021 Mahoning County Mental Health and Recovery Board Annual Report

- Mahoning County Auditor's Popular Annual Financial Report

- Mahoning County Auditor's 2020 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

- August 11, 2022, Ralph T. Meacham's Letter and Mahoning County Auditor's Financial Statement Activity

- July 26, 2022, General Fund 2022 2nd Quarter Review Transmittal Letter

- July 26, 2022, Criminal and Administrative Justice Fund 2022 2nd Quarter Review Transmittal Letter

- Mahoning County General Fund Cash Flow History (Gaap) and FY 2022 YTD as of June 30, 2022

- Mahoning County General Revenue Fund Fiscal Years 2021 and FY 2022 YTD Actual

- General Fund Mahoning County Permanent Sales Tax History and 2022 YTD

- Mahoning County General Revenue Fund and Justice Tax Fund General Fund Fiscal Years 2012-2014 YTD and Justice Fund 2015-YTD Actual 2022

- Mahoning County Justice Sales Tax - History and Fiscal 2022 YTD

- Criminal & Administrative Mahoning County Justice Fund Cash Flow History (Gaap) and FY 2022 YTD as of June 30 2022


- Mahoning County Public Health Staff Photo

- Mahoning County Department of Job and Family Services Administrative Photo and Staff List

- Mahoning County Juvenile Justice Center Staff Photo

- Mahoning County Auditor's 2019 Office Staff Picture and Mahoning County Facts

- Struthers City Hall Staff Photo

- Austintown Trustees Photo

- 2022 Commissioners' Summer Intern Photo

- Mahoning County Board of Commissioners and Commissioner Department Heads Photo

- Mahoning County Commissioners Departments 390 Employees - 3 Commissioners

- Mahoning County Government Active - Full-Time Part-Time and Temporary Employees as of August 13, 2022

- Mahoning County Government Active - Full-Time Part-Time and Temporary Employees as of August 13, 2022, Listed by Department


- 3D Replica of Courthouse Statue

- 2018 Community Revitalization Award

- 2019 Award of Merit

- Photo of Receiving the Award of Merit for Courthouse Statue

- Photo of 2022 Dedicated Courthouse Plaque

- 4M Company Interior Awards (2 Pages)

- Mahoning Valley Historical Society 143rd Annual Meeting and the Fourteenth Annual Historic Preservation Awards Tuesday, June 19, 2018 Packet

- Ohio History Connection October 19, 2019, Historic Preservation Office Awards Luncheon Invite and Recipient Awards


- Check Presentation to Campbell City School Board Photos

- Photo of Ground Breaking Ceremony of the CLWCC

- CLWCC Brochures 

- 2022 CCAO Roster

- Commissioners' Plaque about the Courthouse

- Commissioners' Individual Folders


- 2011 Inventory List of 1908 Time Capsule

- 2022 Inventory List of the 2022 Rededicated Time Capsule

- Re-Installation of Restored Historic Courthouse Statues Information Sheet

- Various Photos of the Courthouse 1908-2020 (Including Restoration and Completed Project)

- Photo of the 1908 Opened Original Time Capsule

- Courthouse Restoration Project Overview


- Photo of the Seventh District Court of Appeals

-Photo of the Seventh District Court of Appeals Judges

- Court of Appeals of Ohio Seventh Appellate District Judges' Biographies

- 2021 Mahoning County Juvenile Court Judge Theresa Dellick Summary


- 2021 Mahoning County Map

- Mahoning County Engineers Survey Monument


- Mahoning County Department of Job and Family Services Memo


- Austintown Township, Mahoning County, Ohio, in the Year 2021

- Moody's Investors Service: Mahoning County Sewer Enterprise

- Ohio Emergency Agency Incident Command System

- Residents for Better Roads Brochure

- Tourism Economics the Ohio Visitor Economy Mahoning County 2021 Packet

- Youngstown Business Incubator Five Pieces Box with Description

- Youngstown Business Incubator Folder Filled with Information


- Mahoning County Farm Bureau Meat Temperature Cooking Magnet

- Mahoning County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting August 11, 2022, Information Packet


- Donor Bar - Good Humor, Mahoning Valley Historical Society Wendell August Forge, Copper

- Rack Card - Explanation of Donor Bar Program, Mahoning Valley Historical Society

- Harry Burt & the Good Humor Bar History

- Tyler History Center and Arms Family Museum Information Sheet

- Stewart Media Archives Center Information Sheet

- Tyler History Center Information Sheet

- History to Go Series 2022 Schedule

- Ohio History Connection Youngstown Historical Center of Industry and Labor Paper


- Paul J. Gains Mahoning County Prosecuting Attorney November 2, 2021 Letter

- Mahoning County Prosecutor's Office Domestic Violence Donation Drive Flyer

- Mahoning County Prosecutor's Office Coloring and Activity Book

- 2021 D'Apolito Family Photo and Viviana D'Apolito 2022 Fellows Riverside Gardens Photo


- Public Health 2020 COVID-19 Summary

- Mahoning County Commissioners' and Public Health Public Announcement

- Commissioners' Resolution "Res 20-11-024"


- Ratings Direct: Mahoning County, Ohio; General Obligation; Note; Sales Tax Summary

- Ratings Direct: Mahoning County, Ohio; Note; Sales Tax Summary


- Youngstown Live Mahoning County Convention & Visitor Bureau Packet Envelope

- County Commissioners Association of Ohio "Why Counties Matter" Brochure