The former chief accounting officer of two Boardman businesses has been charged with grand theft after her former boss says she stole hundreds of dollars from the company by giving herself raises, bonuses, and buying personal items using company credit cards.

Tricia Cormell, 50, of Boardman, was booked into the Mahoning County Jail on Thursday.

The arrest came four months after a police report was filed by her former employers, Pipino Management and the Niles Restaurant Business, which have an office at the same address in Boardman.

According to the report, Cormell’s former boss alleges that he began an investigation after finding credit charges not related to the businesses.

Cormell allegedly bought personal items on the company’s accounts from Amazon and had them delivered to her home.

The employer also claims that Cormell gave herself a $36 per week raise and extra bonuses of $600 and $1,200, signing the checks with a rubber stamp of her boss’s signature.

The employer believes the thefts amounted to $5,000 going back from November 2020 until Cormell was fired this past April.

According to the police report, Cormell placed $600 on her boss’s desk on the day she was fired.

Cormell has been released from jail.  She is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing in county court in Boardman on September 27.