The Ohio High School Athletic Association imposed the following penalties on three area schools that violated by-laws.

Youngstown Ursuline High School violated Bylaw 4-9, Recruiting when personalized letters containing information pertaining only to the school’s athletic department were sent to prospective student-athletes in grades 7-12 in surrounding communities. In accordance with Bylaw 11, Penalties, the Executive Director’s Office has imposed the following penalties: 1) Ursuline High School is hereby publicly reprimanded; 2) Ursuline High School has been fined $750; 3) Ursuline High School was required to complete training with their administrators and admissions department regarding the recruiting bylaw, and 4) any high school student-athlete who transfers into Ursuline High School after receiving one of the aforementioned letters will not be granted a transfer exception to restore full athletic eligibility.

Youngstown Liberty High School had a student-athlete in football violate Bylaw 4-4-1, Scholarship, when they participated in one regular season contest after failing to pass five 1-credit courses, or the equivalent, in the immediately preceding grading period. In accordance with Bylaw 10-2-5, Forfeitures, the school forfeited the contest in which the ineligible student-athlete participated.

Austintown Fitch High School had a student-athlete in girl's basketball violate Bylaw 4-7-2, Transfer when they participated in two contests during the period of ineligibility required within the transfer bylaw. In accordance with Bylaw 10-2-5, Forfeitures, the school forfeited any victorious contests in which the ineligible student participated.