Veterinarians around the Mahoning Valley have noticed an influx of kennel cough illnesses in fully vaccinated dogs due to a new strain of the infection that is not protected by current vaccines. 

Kennel cough is a highly transmissible disease commonly found in dogs who visit high-traffic animal areas like kennels, pet stores and dog parks. 

Local veterinarian, Dr. William Hradil of Ebert Animal Hospital, says the increase of kennel cough has steadily risen over the years which raises some concern.

"[There has been] At least a 10 to 20 percent increase, which I think is quite a bit," Dr. Hradil said.

With the new strain of the illness, there are some signs dog owners should look out for. Coughing, lethargy and fevers are a few symptoms related to the new strain.

The vaccine for the strain is currently in its infant stage as researchers continue to make improvements.

Dr. Hradil says it is imperative for dog owners to stay updated on vaccinations for their pets. 

"The best line of defense is to get your dogs properly vaccinated especially if you're going to board them," Dr. Hradil said. 

21 news will keep you updated on the latest development of this vaccine.