Two suspects are accused of attempting to cash in stolen slot machine tickets at Truck World in North Jackson.

Police say a female suspect, identified as 39-year-old April Conner was at the cash register trying to cash in a recently-stolen slot machine ticket. Police say they recognized Conner and her truck from the recent theft. The store manager also told police that Conner was involved in the theft. 

The store manager told police that Conner was accompanied by a male suspect, later identified as 46-year-old Robert Vanpelt. Vanpelt was not with Conner when police arrived. 

Police eventually located Vanpelt on I-76 trying to call for a ride to pick him up. When asked why he ran to the interstate, Vanpelt allegedly told them he "gets scared" whenever he sees police.

Police determined there was probable cause for the arrest of both suspects and Truck World staff told police they would like to press charges.

When searching Vanpelt's vehicle, police say they found multiple master lock keys, lockpicks and other tools used for opening safes. 

Both Conner and Vanpelt were charged with Safecracking and Vanpelt received an additional charge of Possessing Criminal Tools.