Earlier in September, 21 News reported on Boardman Center Intermediate facing flood damage causing the equipment in their boiler room to be damaged. This impacted the school's ability to receive hot water 

Now, Boardman Superintendent, Tim Saxton tells 21 News that the school should have hot water again by Monday, October 3.

Mahoning County Public Health conducted an inspection at the school on Friday and reached an agreement with the school.

Mahoning County Director of Environmental Health, Colton Masters told 21 News that the school was ordered to only serve food with disposable Styrofoam trays and use disposable plastic silverware.

Additionally, cafeteria staff was ordered not to make food in the school's kitchen and instead get it from a third party source until the heating and cooling system was fixed and hot water was back.

Boardman Local Schools Superintendent, Tim Saxton told 21 News that the school had been complying with these orders before the inspection happened, and Masters confirmed with us that he did see the school using the disposable silverware and trays during the inspection.

Saxton told 21 News that the school has been doing its best to address the issue, but supply chain issues made repairing the equipment a problem. 

Masters tells us the Health Department gave the school a deadline of a week to get the situation addressed, but Saxton says the school can beat that and then some.

Saxton tells us that the boiler room equipment will be repaired over the weekend and should be up and running again by Monday.

No citations were issued by the Health Department.