A big celebration took place prior to the Poland Little Bulldogs youth football game.

Current players and students he coached years ago came onto the field to wish him well as he retires from coaching after over 30 years.
Bob Thomas has been coaching Poland Little Bulldogs Youth Football for 35 years.
His daughter says she remembers her dad's commitment to the kids.
"He came straight home from work, changed. I had to get my little brother ready for him to take him to practice through the four months of football season. Rarely was he home and he loved coaching," Jenna Modelski said.
His relatives made aFacebook post asking anyone who played for him to come to Sunday's playoff game to show their appreciation.
We have so many people coming to support him, from the kids that are in kindergarten right now, to people that are in their 30s, 40's, 50's," Aubrey Donatelli added.
Family, friends, and young men he coached came back to say Thank you for giving them a love of football and teaching them teamwork, perseverance, and to come back stronger.
"I just think some of the best memories that I had as a kid. He was just a great coach and will be a part of my memory forever," Antonia Medina who plays football for the Poland Bulldogs said. 
"We won a championship last year and he made me love football," Jaxon Vernona said.
We talked with the new coach and nephew of Coach Thomas who says no one can fill Bob's shoes, but he will try to live up to the legacy that Bob has left generations of kids.
"He started coaching me when I was six. I started helping out at 15, and I want to continue his legacy and help these players and as young men," Tony Marsico emphasized.
Dwayne Wilson who has coached for around 30 years also announced he is retiring this season. 
The bantam Little Dogs won and will go to the local Super Bowl at Rayen Stadium. The bantam Poland team will be playing the East Bears.
That game will be this Sunday.