A Columbiana County steel fabricating is expanding and preparing to hire new workers.
Business at 'Steelcon' in New Waterford is so good, they can't keep up with incoming orders.

"Right now, we just don't have the room to service the contracts we have right now. We are actually having to turn down work," said Steelcon owner, Allen Hodge.

That's why they announced a new expansion project that will add on an additional 50,000 square feet to their New Waterford facility.

Steelcon supplies the oil and gas industry and other industrial factories with fabricated steel products.
They take raw steel and put into any custom shape or size, weld it and paint it all in the same plant.

Now that they are expanding they want to increase their current work force of 50 to around 80. That means they are hiring.

"We have openings for engineers, processors, machinists, welders, assemblers and some laborers," added Hodge.

Congressman Bill Johnson toured the facility and says what they are doing here is vital to the American Supply chain and to fill our need for domestic energy production.

"Experts tell us about 50% of our nation's natural gas supply is going to come from this region. That means a lot of infrastructure has to be put in place so companies like steelcon, growing and expanding, this company stands to almost double in size in terms of jobs," said Rep. Johnson.

The new expansion is expected to be completed in April of 2023.