Most of the parents 21 News talked with tell us they don't believe the Mathews School District is doing enough to keep their children safe from others outside the school, or from behaviors by a student within the classroom.
They believe actions by a student who allegedly brought a bullet into the classroom last week are escalating.
"In the fall of 2019, the student brought a knife to school. He carried it with him all day long and at this time the student was in the third grade," Jill Tall said. 
"The school never notified me my son found a hit list. I was not notified and I was told I did not need to be notified because he wasn't on the hit list. But then I had to explain what a hit list is," Dana Bodnar explained.
School Board members emphasize they are doing all they can to help keep students safe, but emphasize they can't comment on actions the district takes due to student privacy laws.
The district passed legislation to form a security committee to improve school safety.
"My intent is to go through each school, go through the policies, look at the procedures, look at the schools itself, entry ways, exit ways. How do students come in the morning, and dismiss at night? Is there anything we can do better to provide a more firm security footing to make us a more difficult target," said Board Member Mark Haddle
Many parents believe the district should provide a tutor for their child at home. They ask if it will take a mass shooting for the district to make appropriate arrangements for educating the child they say needs help.
The district says it is bound by state and federal laws.