A judge has set bail at $100,000 for a Niles woman after police say an 11-year-old girl was accidentally wounded at a party being held at the woman's home.

Tawny Stewart, 37, entered no plea to one count of child endangering during a hearing on Monday in Niles Municipal Court

The charge was filed after a teen birthday party on Friday night ended with a child being shot.

An 11-year-old girl was shot in the arm in a home on North Chestnut Avenue where police say there was underage drinking and lack of supervision.

"There was a party for a juvenile female, several people attended this party, were drinking and one of the juveniles that came to the party brought a gun," Niles Police Department Captain John Marshall said. 

Marshall said a 14-year-old girl appeared to have "accidentally" fired the gun.

"At some point, multiple people were handling that gun and when the one young lady was handling it, it discharged and shot the victim through the arm," he said. 

Another 14-year-old boy brought the gun according to police. He now faces a felony for carrying a concealed weapon, among other charges.

This happened in the home of 37-year-old Tawny Stewart, who told police it was her teen's party when Stewart called 911.

Police believe Stewart was across the street when the shooting happened. Stewart has been charged with contributing to delinquency and providing alcohol to minors.

"The charges we have on the adult are regarding the purchase of alcohol, and supplying the alcohol and creating the conditions that led to this shooting," he said. 

Marshall says the 11-year-old child shot is expected to be ok after receiving medical treatment.

Another court hearing for Stewart is set for Wednesday morning. As of early Tuesday, Stewart remained jailed.