For the past two years, Millcreek Metro Parks has been working on redeveloping the Ford Nature Center, making it a more modern place to learn about nature.

Phase two of the East hike and bike trail is also in the works and should begin next week.

"It's that final piece of the hike and bike component on the east side of Millcreek Park," said Planning and Operations Director, Justin Rogers.

The trail will continue on, half a mile from the Lanterman's Mill parking lot but will need a little earth work done and stump removal.

"It'll be an eight foot wide asphalt trail when it's done," Rogers said. 

When phase two is complete, people will get to walk, hike, bike the trail directly to the Ford Nature Center and redevelopment there is ongoing.

"Right now we are waiting for the installation of exhibits," said Rogers. "Many of them are being constructed off site," he said.

The idea is to make it a home for educators as well as all nature education.

"We've been able to honor the historic aesthetics of it, but make it function more in the modern tense for nature education," Rogers told 21 News.

Rogers says that in several weeks, the Ford Nature center should be completed.