The Mahoning Valley Historical Society (MVHS) has just opened a new exhibit featuring local artist, Jim Pernotto. 

The exhibit, titled, "Brier Hill Works: Art and Artifacts from Jim Pernotto" opened to the public on Tuesday, November 1 in the Youngstown Foundation's Community History Gallery at the Tyler History Center.

Pernotto grew up in Lasingville on the lower south side of Youngstown and left as a young man to pursue his career in art. He returned in 1979 two years after the steel mills closed. An event which came to inform and influence his work.

Recently, Pernotto donated his collection of steel workers' tools and equipment salvaged from Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company's Brier Hill Works to MVHS. The plant produced iron and steel from 1859 to 1979.

The exhibit will feature these artifacts, along with the artwork they inspired Pernotto to create. 

The exhibit will remain open until March 31, 2023.