The State of Ohio has agreed to provide funding for a $1.4 million project to place a roundabout at a Boardman intersection.

The Ohio Department of Transportation on Friday announced $121 million in safety grants around the state, including money for two dozen roundabouts.

According to the Mahoning County Engineer’s office, one of those roundabouts would be at Wildwood Drive and Glenwood Avenue in Boardman.

Scheduled for the fiscal year 2027, ODOT is calling the roundabout a proven safety countermeasure.

According to ODOT, there were six traffic deaths at Ohio roundabouts from 2017-2021 compared to 1,126 deaths at a signalized or stop-controlled intersection.

“Roundabouts save lives. They reduce severe crashes, move traffic more efficiently, and are cheaper to maintain than signalized intersections,” said ODOT Director Jack Marchbanks.

In total, the funding will support project development, right of way, and construction of 50 projects in 31 counties across the state.

In addition to the roundabout projects, other projects include safer pedestrian crossings, traffic signal upgrades, and turning lane improvements.

Funding for these projects will be awarded through ODOT's Highway Safety Improvement Program.

"I know that this intersection has had some pretty nasty accidents over the years," said Jason Loree, Boardman Township Administrator. "With roundabouts being popular as a way to improve traffic flow and safety, it makes a lot of sense." 

Neighbors living right near this intersection just found out about this roundabout on Friday. They're hoping it doesn't cut into their property lines.

"I don't see any way they can do something that big without cutting into my property," said Thomas Ruggieri, a homeowner near the intersection of Glenwood and Wildwood. "I hope they can't just take my property without my consent."

Other neighbors told 21 News they don't support the roundabout and think the solution to fewer accidents is delaying the pre-existing stop light. Loree said roundabouts are proven to be a safer option in the township.

"The county has since put in a roundabout on Mathews Road in Boardman," Loree explained. "The roundabouts been pretty successful. It really has slowed down the accidents there and the traffic flow has really improved. So, this would be a second roundabout. They work well and they really do impact safety."

Ruggieri also voiced his concern over how emergency vehicles can maneuver through the roundabout, adding he sees and hears several on the main road often. 

As neighbor's concerns swirl about potential eminent domain, how it would affect their property value and the timeline of construction, they have plenty of time to learn more, as the project isn't slated until 2027.

"We will share more information with the community as soon as we have something," Loree concluded. 

Loree said the Mahoning County Engineer’s office will be releasing more information the week of November 6.