Firefighters in Warren spent Friday night and Saturday morning putting out blazes all over the city. Investigators believe these fires may be connected to the fires set on vacant homes on Thursday.

Two of the fires were at vacant homes, one of which they found a man inside.

Investigators say crews were called out to a burning home on Belmont Avenue Northwest at around 11 p.m.  They found a homeless man who was staying on the second floor.  He was brought out and taken to a hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation.


Belmont Avenue


Just after 3:30 a.m. fire was reported at a vacant home at Parkman Road NW and Garden Street NW.

Flames were seen pouring through the roof of the home. The State Fire Marshal has been called to find the cause of the fires.

In addition to those fires, crews were called to put out a small electrical fire at a home as well as two brush fires on Dana St. NE and Elm Road. 

Warren firefighters also dispatched to Parkman Road after a trash can caught fire and then West Market Street at 3 a.m. when someone set fire to a sign.

The fire department is asking residents to watch out for their neighbors and report any suspicious activity.