November is National Adoption Month and Mahoning County Children Services (MCCS) celebrated with families at the Mahoning County Courthouse.  There is not much that feels better than feeling loved and safe, and for many children adoption is one way they can receive necessary care.

As parents finalized their adoptions they encouraged others to explore helping children in need.

Foster parent of over 15 years, Julie Stimpert recommends adopting or fostering.

"Do it. Get involved, educate yourself and keep good positive friends and foster parents close at hand," Stimpert said.

Mahoning County Children Services averages nearly 75 adoptions each year. But matching children to adoptive families is still a work in progress. As many minors wait in foster care, there is a great need for people to consider adoption.

So far, this year in the Mahoning County, 23 children have been placed with adoptive parents, but Jennifer Kollar of MCCS, says there are 30 teenagers who are still in need of finding families.

"There are teenagers who are in great need of a loving, stable environment," Kollar said.

If you are interested in joining the adoption world, it may be easier than you think, according to Judge Robert Rusu.

"You can be a married couple, you can be a single individual, you can be same sex couple--it doesn't matter what you are or who you are. You just have to be willing to love a child," Rusu said. 

For more information on adoption and foster services, contact Mahoning County Children Services at (330)941-8888.