Warren Police are investigating claims from a woman who told them that a man dropped their toddler on the ground because she emptied his bag of pot on the ground.

According to a Police report, officers were called to investigate a domestic argument going on outside an apartment on Peace Ave. NW Monday night.

A 34-year-old woman who lives there told officers she got into an argument with the father of their two-year-old daughter who was there to pick up the child.

The mother said she grabbed a “large bag” of marijuana she spotted in his car and began to empty to pot onto the parking lot.

The mom told police that to get back at her for dumping his weed, the father dropped the toddler near the rear tire of the parked car.

The child wasn’t injured, according to the police report.

The father was gone when police arrived.

The woman was given information on how to file charges with the prosecutor’s office.