Police are praising the crime-solving benefits of a new camera system being deployed around the city, including the Eastwood Mall.

Niles Police Captain John Marshall says Flock Safety Cameras that have been placed at strategic locations around the mall complex since August have already helped catch suspected wrongdoers.

So far, police say 15 cases have been solved because of information from the Flock system. 

The most recent, according to Marshal, involved an incident on Monday where someone allegedly stole more than $600 worth of clothing and jewelry from JCPenney at the mall.

Police say a camera spotted the suspect on a bicycle. Thirty-six-year-old Christopher Doll of Niles has been charged with robbery.

Marshall says that on September 23, the system identified a stolen minivan as it entered the mall property and alerted police. 

Officers stopped the minivan, which was driven by 48-year-old Sheldon Robinson who was arrested.

Several law enforcement agencies were already looking for  Robinson for four active felony arrest warrants, according to Marshall.

The cameras can capture detailed images of vehicles and license plates and generate evidence that can be used to investigate and prosecute crimes. 

“This technology allows us and our security team to monitor our properties in real time as well as export clear images and recordings to assist law enforcement in apprehending anyone who chooses to break the law,” said Jim Williams, Director of Information Technology for the mall. 

These cameras will help enhance the safety of the community and provide a powerful tool for the Niles Police, says Marshall.