Vindicator file photo / November 14, 1977 | Youngstown Mayor Jack C. Hunter swore in four Youngstown police officers 45 years ago. From left, John T. Ragan III, Thomas Mylott, Mark Wollet, and George P. Pavlich.
November 14
1997: Mahoning County Commissioner Ed Reiss says it’s time for the county to step back and allow the city to oversee the development of the Higbee building downtown. 
Mark Shutes, associate professor of sociology at Youngstown State University, tells a gathering at First Unitarian Church that a culture developed during the 75 years of industrial prosperity in Youngstown that discouraged outside influences and tolerated home-grown political corruption. 
Some 500 area residents attend "A Final Evening with the Mayor" at Mr. Anthony's, a tribute to Patrick Ungaro's 14-year administration.
1982: The Youngstown Revitalization Foundation commits $350,000 from a Community Development Block Grant to encourage redevelopment in downtown Youngstown. 
Youngstown's Ray Boom Boom Mancini retains his World Boxing Association lightweight title with a 14-round knockout of South Korean Duk Koo Kim in Las Vegas. Kim is taken unconscious to Desert Springs Hospital. 
Aliza Wallace, a 14-year-old sophomore at Mathews High School, says she plans to have her pilot's license before she has a license to drive a car. She can already fly her father's Cessna 170-B.
1972: Ohio high school students may no longer be dismissed early to work at the corner gas station, grocery, or the like. The State Board of Education adopts standards that require students to attend six hours of class a day. 
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration orders that all tinsel containing lead be removed from shelves. 
Ohio Natural Resources Director William Nye says he will let rabbit, quail, and pheasant season open on schedule but warns them to stay off of unharvested farm fields. 
1947: United Engineering and Foundry Co. books a $20 million order for rolling equipment for the modernization of the British steel industry. It is one of the biggest foreign orders for steel equipment in history. 
A Federal Bureau of Prisons inspection team finds poor supervision in Mahoning County's jail, "with deputies practically falling over each other in the front office and none watching the prisoners."
U.S. Rep. Michael J. Kirwan, D-Youngstown, says he will seek re-election in 1948 and reaffirms his support for Ohio Gov. Ralph Lausche.