A Greenville eyesore that once led to its Main street being shut down is now being demolished.

According to the borough manager it's taken over 7 months for Greenville officials to acquire the needed grants to fund the demolition.
They also got enough grants to pay the demolition of three other dilapidated buildings along main street. Total cost of those projects?...around $350,000.

The borough is also taking steps to make sure similar problems won't happen in the future by being proactive and working with current building owners to check their structures.

"Not from a code enforcement aspect but from an aspect of is there an issue with these buildings and what resources can we acquire potentially though grants and stuff to help," said borough manager, Jasson Urey.

In addition to demolishing some of these older buildings in town, council is also looking at ways to improve the look of the city. That means the redevelopment of some areas including those along the Shenango river.

"Right now when you drive through you almost don't realize the river is there but if there's ways we can open that up so when people come through town they see it and some of the properties adjacent to the river, developing those into things that would draw people. Some of the housing along the river as well," added Urey.

As far as the five buildings being demolished, borough officials say they should all be down within the next three weeks, allowing all the closed alley streets to reopen before winter.