Residents made their way to the Madison Township building Wednesday night as Vogel Holdings pitched its proposal to put a transfer station and solid waste landfill just off state Route 45 outside of Lisbon.

Township officials and those living in the West Point Area have concerns about the plan, particularly with the vast amount of wells and how a landfill could impact water and wildlife.

"Most of the area where they're going is wells...all of the landowners depend on their wells, you lose a well--that's a lot of money.", said Wayne Chamberlain, Madison township trustee.

"Our township already had two landfills--both of those affected people's wells, matter of fact ruined people's wells.", he added.

This comes eight years after Rosebud Mining, who previously owned the land, attempted to develop a landfill--plans that drew opposition and were eventually abandoned.

Edward Vogel, vice president of Vogel Holdings tells 21 News he purchased the land in 2019 with the idea of putting a transfer station and landfill on it.  He says they're going above and beyond EPA requirements throughout this process.                                                                                                                                                                                         

As part of their mission to protect the environment and its residents, Vogel says they've proposed a double-liner system for the landfill that includes leak detection.

Landfill gas will be converted into natural gas or liquified fuel for vehicles.

The Ohio EPA, which issues the permits needed, will have ultimate say in whether the transfer station or landfill will be approved.