Ohio Secretary of State, Frank LaRose is endorsing a proposal to increase the majority requirement to pass petition-based amendments to the Ohio Constitution.

Currently, issues simply need to meet a majority over 50% to pass a petition-based issue on the ballot. Should this legislation pass, that number will be raised to 60%.

According to a press release, LaRose says Ohio's Constitution is meant to serve as framework for the state's government rather than special interests.

"If you have a good idea and feel it deserves to be within the framework of our government, it should require the same standard passage that we see in both our United States Constitution and here in our own state legislature," LaRose said.

"Requiring a broad consensus majority of at least 60% for passing a petition-based constitutional amendment provides a good government solution to promote compromise," LaRose continued.

However, citizen groups such as Columbus-based organization, We are Ohio are concerned that this will harm our democracy. We are Ohio spokesperson, Dennis Willard tells 21 News it's very important that each citizen vote in Ohio has the same power as a lawmaker's vote.

"That's how our democracy works. 50 plus one is the majority," Willard said.

We are Ohio was originally formed in 2011 to combat Senate Bill 5, which according to Willard, would have gotten rid of collective bargaining rights for public workers.

Willard credits petition-based citizen voting as what got this legislation overturned.

"This is a way for citizens to become legislators of their own and get to vote on a law up or down yes or no," Willard said.

However, LaRose argues that some states both blue and red already have laws like this in place for petition-based amendments such as Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Nebraska, Mississippi, Wyoming and Florida.

This proposal comes at a time when issues such as abortion rights and an increased minimum wage are major talking points.

21 News has reached out to LaRose's press team to ask if these issues were at all a factor for the timing of this proposal, but has not heard back as of this writing.