Mahoning County Chief Assistant Prosecutor, Gina DeGenova has been announced as Mahoning County's new interim prosecutor ahead of the departure of current Mahoning County prosecutor, Paul Gains.

The announcement was made during a Mahoning County Commissioners meeting.

DeGenova has been working with the prosecutor's office for 17 years, with Gains praising her during Tuesday's meeting.

"I believe [DeGenova] represents the future and we cannot go backwards. She has worked with me now for 17 years, she's been a lawyer for 22 years. I believe she has the experience, the intelligence, but most importantly, the integrity to continue to operate this office honestly [and] efficiently," Gains said.

DeGenova tells 21 News that she's excited to continue the work that Gains has provided to the county for 25 years.

"[The Mahoning County Prosecutors Office services] some of the most vulnerable members of our community including victims of crime. And our civil division represents every elected official, every county office, board and township, so it is critical that services go on perfectly smooth, and that's what I intend to bring," DeGenova said.

DeGenova will serve as interim prosecutor for beginning December 1 and lasting until a successor is appointed.