Willard Pre-K through Eight received a grant through Second Harvest Food Bank that helped them receive the necessary funds to purchase food for their students. With that assistance, Raider Pantry was born, serving nearly 300 students weekly. 

“Around the holidays we do see a greater need for food at home for our families, and they’re more open about the different situations that are going on in their home,” said Shaina Shardy, Willard PK-8 Liason.

Second Harvest Food Bank considers Raider Pantry, a “fun food pantry” because the faculty at Willard go the extra mile to make the shopping experience less embarrassing and more fun for their students with shopping carts and grocery bags. Students also have the opportunity to work in the pantry as a reward for good grades and behavior.

Shardy also explains if they notice a student could be possibly embarrassed about using the pantry, they make sure no one else is in the pantry so the student can shop in private.

Raider Pantry also offers students shoes and clothing, hygiene products, paper products, laundry detergent and offers bags of food for the weekend.

“It's so special because some kids don't have the things they need, and I know I have a place I can get things from if there’s a need,” said 8th-grader Skylnn.