There's not much left of a trailer that went up in flames along the Ohio Turnpike in Lordstown early Tuesday.

Dispatchers were told that fire erupted from a trailer hauling batteries westbound just before the Lordstown interchange at around 1:30 a.m.

When firefighters arrived they found that the tractor that had been pulling the trailer had been disconnected and moved away from the fire.

The fire melted the tires and burned the sides and top of the trailer, leaving the flatbed and stacks of smoking batteries.

According to the Lordstown Fire Chief, the truck was hauling lead-acid vehicle batteries. The Ohio EPA was notified of the incident.

Clean-up of the lead-acid batteries, also known as storage batteries, is ongoing Tuesday afternoon.

Lead-acid batteries leaks or spills contaminate soil and groundwater and are harmful to humans, ground water and the environment. 

The workers cleaning the scene told 21 News that the contamination was contained.

No one was injured.