A longtime Valley business that provided health care and assistance for patients in their home has closed, according to multiple sources. 

mvi HomeCare of Youngstown and Salem closure caught employees and the patients - who received treatment from the senior home care business - scrambling without advance notice of the disruption of services.

Rebecca Hughes, a former mvi Clinical Director/Manager, confirmed the closing and told 21 News that all patients that received care from mvi have been placed with other home care agencies in the Valley. Hughes said that 55 employees lost their jobs in the closing and approximately 100 patients were left to find replacement home healthcare in late December.

An employee that answered the phone at the business confirmed the closing to 21 News, stating the business had closed on December 21, but refused to provide her name.

Mark Schuller, Clinical Manager of Patriot Homecare in Girard also confirmed to 21 News that his home healthcare business had taken over the care for several of the mvi HomeCare patients that have been referred to his business by area doctors.

Schuller said they learned of the longtime Valley business closing on December 21 and said that Patriot Homecare was looking to help out with patients that were left with no home health care.

A representative from another home health care provider in the Valley, Southwoods Health at Home, told 21 News "For continuity of care, Southwoods Health at Home assisted MVI in the transition of current patients undergoing care in their home health division. We contacted patients receiving home health services and transitioned their care to Southwoods if they chose. This does not include hospice care or prior billing information, and we did not assume medical records."

21 News spoke with multiple former mvi workers on the situation, and they provided us a copy of the letter from the company from late December that states "We will begin the process of transitioning patients to other providers..." The letter had a signature line from Kevin J. McGuire, Principal of mvi HomeCare. 

In the emailed employee letter, which 21 News has not been able to independently verify, but multiple mvi employees confirmed that they received the same letter, which stated that negotiations had fallen through and payroll was a concern for employees.

The email states "We are negotiating with our bank to see everyone getting paid in full for the work they've done, but unfortunately, due to our situation, that will not be in the timely manner we've grown accustomed to."

The letter said mvi was negotiating to continue billing and collecting on visits that were completed.


21 News spoke with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, a branch of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which said "We confirm that CMS and the State were not notified of the closure of MVI HomeCare of Youngstown and cessation of business for this provider. For beneficiaries seeking information regarding hospice care covered by Medicare, Care Compare provides a single user-friendly interface that patients and caregivers can use to make informed decisions about healthcare based on cost, quality of care, volume of services, and other data. On the home page, click "Hospice Care" and include the ZIP code or city to see provider options.

Former physical therapist for mvi Natalie Romeo talked 21 News' Madison Tromler, saying that employees were advised that the business was being bought in mid-December and that it would be a smooth transition for employees and the patients. However, things took an abrupt turn when employees learned their services were no longer needed.

Romeo said that patients were calling the mvi employees asking why the healthcare workers hadn't shown up for scheduled appointments.

"It put patients in a stressful situation, it put us in a stressful situation because you can't leave people hanging," Romeo said. "I just really hope that this doesn't happen to any other patients in any other capacity of healthcare," she added.

Romeo has transitioned to work with TLC HomeHealth Care of Warren as well as nine other former mvi nurses and physical and occupational therapists. 

Amanda Scenna, owner of Expand Health at Home, said that if you find yourself in a situation like this, call your primary care physician or another doctor you see and ask for additional healthcare at home, and they can offer referrals to services as needed.

According to mvi HomeCare website, the business provided skilled nursing, infusion therapy, hospice care and rehabilitation.

The website states that mvi HomeCare, was founded in 1995 by Dale Damioli and Kevin McGuire. In 1996, mvi acquired a Medicare-certified nursing agency and changed the name of the company to mvi HomeCare.

The website says that at one-time mvi had more than 150 employees. In 1998, mvi opened its hospice care division and an office in Salem. In 2002, a 16,000-square-foot facility was built at 4891 Belmont Ave. in Youngstown to house all operations of the company.

21 News spoke with Denise Ohara Ayers, Executive Director of Hospice for mvi HospiceCare, who said "No comment," when asked about the current status of the business.

21 News has left messages for owner Kevin McGuire and other members of the management team with mvi HomeCare, but our calls and emails have not been returned as of Friday afternoon.