On Christmas Eve, nearly 60 residents had to be evacuated from a Mercer County apartment complex. 

Farrell Fire Department assisted with the evacuation after a water pipe break, which caused about 12 inches of flooding on the first floor of the apartment building. 

Due to structural damage throughout the building, the department evacuated second and third-floor residents. 

A majority of the residents were taken to a hotel in Hermitage. 

According to the Mercer County Housing Authority, second and third-floor residents are expected to return to their homes by 8 a.m. Tuesday. 

According to Farrell Fire Chief Renner, they are unsure when first-floor residents will be able to head back to the apartment due to extensive cleanup that needs to be done. 

In a Facebook post, Chief Renner shared his appreciation for the firefighters who helped in the evacuation. 

"I am so thankful for all of the firefighters that protect this great city of ours. Our guys went above and beyond to serve and protect today," read the post.