It's a building that stands tall and houses hundreds, but is about to come tumbling down. Riverview Apartments, which was rested on Tod Avenue since 1968, requires a substantial amount of cash for preservation, according to Donald Emerson, executive director of the Trumbull Metropolitan Housing Authority.

"It's obsolete, it's cost prohibitive to maintain," said Emerson. "The up-keep of the're talking about something that goes year to year to year to year to year...yeah, it makes more sense to demolish," he said.

Not everyone is on board though, Warren Councilman at Large, Ken MacPherson opposes this demolition, saying he's hearing complaints from the residents.

"The word I'm hearing people are talking about is, we don't have enough inventory currently," said MacPherson. "So there's a backlog on inventory and where are these folks gonna go," he said.

That complaint was refuted by Emerson, who promises to pay for moving expenses and vouchers to every resident toward alternate housing.

"The voucher is not limited to Warren Ohio, they can take that voucher anywhere in the United States," Emerson said.

That was yet another concern of the people living there.

"Am I gonna be in my neighborhood here or are they going to make me go far away," said MacPherson, referencing more complaints. "I want to make sure that if we have this safety net here in place to take care of people, that we don't take out inventory before we have enough to take care of everybody," he said.

Demolition won't take place until the end of this year or early 2024, but Emerson tells 21 News, residents will receive a 90 day notice by early May.