A new treatment facility is open in Niles, offering another place for people to go who need substance abuse and addiction recovery treatment.

 Niles Treatment Services can receive care immediately with a tailored program to help adults struggling with addiction recovery.

The facility is a part of the larger Pinnacle Treatment Centers that offer outpatient treatment with medical therapies proven to help patients long-term.
That includes using medications like Methadone or Suboxone.

"We also offer wrap-around care. We have case management, peer supporters, counselors working here so you don't have to use medications to use our services you can come work with our case managers or peer supporters," said executive director, Angelica Brewer.

Medication along with sharing experiences with people who are also going through the process seem to be the best recipe for recovery, which is important to know because right now Trumbull county has one of the highest death rates in the state, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

Pinnacle offers something a little different than other facilities. They offer medications a little later in the day for people who have children who need to go to school during the day or for those people who have a job and can't make it until the evening. You can get you medication up until 7 o'clock at night.

"We're here to offer the help you need. If it's not us that's a perfect fit for you then come in and let us help you find that perfect fit," said Brewer.