Ohio is following the lead of the federal government and is prohibiting the use of Tik Tok and other Chinese based social media apps on state owned or leased phones and other devices with internet access.

Just moments after he was sworn in for his next term on Sunday, Governor Mike Dewine signed an executive order enacting the ban.

Citing the maintenance of cybersecurity for the state, its employees and contractors, the order prohibits the use of Tencent QQ, Tencent Video, QQ International (QQi), Qzone, WeChat, Weibo, Xiao HongShu, Zhihu, Meituan, Toutiao, Alipay, Xiami Music, Tiantian Music, DingTalkfDing Ding, Douban, RenRen, Youku/Tudou, Little Red Book, Zhihu, and other apps based in China.

The order cites China’s 2017 National Intelligence Law, which requires businesses located in China to assist the Chinese government in intelligence work, including data sharing with the Chinese Communist Party.

Last month President Joseph Biden signed a bill that bans Tik Tok on federal devices.