All too often we mourn lives taken during mass shootings. We've heard of the training school staff goes through in order to be prepared if such an event were to happen here and local school and law officials are taking steps to properly handle emergency situations.

Ten departments from across the Valley are taking a new approach using the vacant Poland Union Elementary School located on 30 Riverside Dr, for active shooter response training called ALERRT: Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training.

It's a first-of-it's kind collaboration with local police departments. Poland Township Chief, Greg Wilson tells 21 News, the goal is to safely handle worst case scenarios.

"God forbid there is an incident at one of our schools in Poland, we'll be able to respond better," Wilson said. 

Local police departments will have full access to the school, simulating real-life emergency situations. This is the first coordinated effort between the departments to protect communities regardless of location.

Poland Superintendent, Craig Hockenberry says this practice will provide more safety for students and staff and preparation for officers.

"If something does happen, multiple organizations are going to respond to local school districts," Hockenberry said.

Thirteen officers from the Mahoning Valley will lead the training sessions. Wilson says after law enforcement officers complete and pass a four hour online class the next step is to train school teachers and staff.

The next training course will take place during the last two weeks of January.