"It's definitely a new phase, I told my wife 'welcome to act two of the show'", laughed former Valley Congressman Tim Ryan during an interview on 21 News at 5:00 Thursday.

After more than 20 years in Congress, a brief run for president and a hard-fought run for US Senate, Ryan's first act might be a hard one to follow.
Since November, he's lived by something his mom always said.

"The Lord works in mysterious ways," he recalled, adding that there's an upside to everything.
In this case, he isn't missing the toll of constant travel.

"You don't realize how hectic your life is and busy you are until you get off the treadmill, so I've been enjoying the time with the family," Ryan said. 

As for what's next, Ryan plans to stay close to work involving the same issues he fought for in the House.

"Working in the natural gas industry, working around defense technologies like with (Youngstown-based) America Makes, the natural gas power plants back home, you know, around the new economy, around electric vehicles, those kinds of things."

While hindsight is 20/20, Ryan says his run for the upper chamber reflected the spirit of his hometown.

"We were everywhere, we hustled, there were a lot of long days, and we just kept grinding like people in our community do every single day," said Ryan.

As he looks forward to the future, Ryan says he's hoping for sharper accountability for those still in office.
He's watching the developments with President Biden and those classified documents closely.

"If Trump did it, it's wrong. If Joe Biden did it, it's wrong...they should look into it just like they did with Trump...we're the umpires and we call balls and strikes," Ryan said.