A warrant has been issued for a Niles man who police tased and handcuffed for allegedly interfering with an ambulance crew trying to care for his child.

According to a Warren Police report, Jordan Ryan 27, arrived at a home on the 400 block of Belmont Avenue NW Thursday where EMT’s were working on Ryan’s child.  The report does not give the age of the child, or the reason the child needed medical attention.

Police say after Ryan got into the ambulance, the EMT had to stop attending to the child to prevent the father from interfering.

After failing to pull Ryan from the ambulance, an officer said Ryan ignored a warning that she would use her taser on him unless he left the ambulance.

Police say the officer fired the taser at Ryan and placed him in handcuffs.

Ryan was cited for misconduct at an emergency and issued a summons to answer the charge in Warren Municipal Court Friday morning.

When Ryan failed to appear, Judge Terry Ivanchak issued a warrant for Ryan.