There was cake, pasta and an award from General Motors for Don Stratton of Stratton Chevrolet  as he and his team celebrate 50 years in business on Friday. 

Stratton Chevrolet in Beloit is home to Stratton, and he says his history with the community is a driving force behind the dealerships longevity.

"It's great to have worked here my whole life. You earn rapport with your customers," Stratton said.

At the same location since 1928, the Stratton family and Chevrolet's relationship has blossomed. The first family dealership sold cars, gas and food and Stratton has been front and center to see the changes of the auto industry.

With traditional cars still on the lot, Stratton says the new wave of electric vehicles was something he couldn't have imagined just a few short years ago.

" I never envisioned us having electric cars and it looks like [those are] going to be coming this year. We're excited to get those," Stratton said.

Four generations of the Stratton family have served their community and they say a key to their success is providing outstanding and honest service. 

"[We take] care of the customer. That way when they want to purchase another car, they will want to go to a dealer who they know is going to take care of them," Stratton said. 

Chevrolet official Kevin Sheehy tells 21 News, Stratton's commitment to the company and customers for nearly 100 years is a rare gem.

"It's just really cool to see it passed down through the generations and they continue to do a great job," Sheehy said.