The Belmont Interchange is getting a new lease on life after the area was left in limbo when the popular Holiday Inn Metroplex Hotel closed after a few minor fires in 2014.

The area is now home to two major franchises, Starbucks and Chipotle.

Additional growth and commercial businesses are expected to pop up in this area. The lot across from Chipotle on Motor Inn Drive is for sale, and the lot behind the Metroplex was recently sold.

“They just sold the property behind our building and we don’t know what’s coming there yet, so we’re looking forward to that opportunity. Plus, there’s still one more phase in the works for the Metroplex Expo Center,” said Lynda Marasovich, Property Manager of Metroplex Self-Storage.

Universal Development is the company that took a chance on the area, purchasing the former hotel and turning it into the Metroplex Expo Center and a self-storage facility.

Due to the success of Universal Developments properties on Belmont Avenue, other investors are finding worth in the area.

Universal Development tells us, "We are currently doing what we can to continue the revitalization of the Belmont Interchange."