AAA has released its list of top insurance claims for 2022.

Last year was an expensive year for motorists due to accidents, adverse driving weather and distracted driving.

AAA says it's important to know the cost of common claims to avoid higher premiums.

One of the most common insurance claims was rear-end collisions which can cost almost $7,000 in damage and increase the cost of insurance. These collisions made up 15% of all auto claims for AAA East Central.

Crashes caused by a vehicle backing up accounted for 10% of all auto insurance claims. This type of accident usually costs more than $1,800 per claim.

Animal-related incidents made up more than 8% of all AAA East Central claims in 2022 and left people with a bill of around $4,000 on average.

There are a number of ways to practice safe driving on the road. AAA listed some of these tips to help keep you safe:

  • Put down the phone
  • Activate do not disturb mode
  • Don't rush when backing up
  • Stay alert for pets and children
  • Pay attention to road signs
  • Be especially aware of animals during early morning and evening hours
  • Use high beams when there's no oncoming traffic
  • Resist the urge to swerve