Norfolk Southern released a fact sheet Sunday afternoon detailing the chemicals on the train while addressing residents concerns about the safety of their air and water.

The chemicals on the train consist of vinyl chloride, combustible liquids, butyl acrylate and benzene residue cars.

The train was also carrying nonhazardous materials such as wheat, plastic pellets, malt liquors and lube oil.

Norfolk Southern writes that the air and drinking water in East Palestine are safe. However, the evacuation and shelter in place orders will remain as a precaution.

The chemicals carried by the train have been detected in runoff and streams, such as Sulphur Run. It is unclear how much of each chemical is detectable in the water.

Air monitoring is being performed at all times.

The air monitors have not detected any substances that would cause concerns for the health of children, elderly people or people with medical conditions.

Norfolk Southern also writes, short-term exposure to these chemicals does not indicate or increase "the risk of cancer or any other long-term health effects."

Officials will continue to monitor the air until the clean-up is finished.