The Animal Welfare League is reporting one of the worst hoarding case agents say they have ever seen.

Armed with a search warrant, humane agents say they rescued thirteen cats being kept in an East Broadway home in Girard with floors covered in urine and feces.

Officers say that during Friday’s search, they became physically ill, dizzy, and coughing from the overwhelming smell of cat urine and feces.

The league as been to the home before, previously removing 76 cats, making a total of 89 cats that have been removed since the investigation began.

According to AWL, while the league was trying to get a judge to ban the homeowners from owning animals, the adults who lived there collected more cats.

A minor has been living with three adults in the home that has no heat or electricity.

The Trumbull County Health Department and Children Protective Services have been notified.

The league is asking for donations to cover the cost of caring for the cats, which AWL says comes to an average of $244 for basic care, vaccinations, and altering.  

AWL notes that the cost of caring for the cats removed from this home to date comes to $21,716 in resources.

That doesn’t include the cost of additional medical care, the Humane Department's time and legal fees as the league continues pushing the case through the court system, according to AWL.

AWL does not receive funding from state or local government and is solely funded by private donations.

Those wishing to donate may do so online or by calling AWL at 330-539-5300.