It's not often you know both the face AND the voice...but then again it's not often someone like A.C. McCullough comes along.
For more than 50 years we here in The Valley reaped the rewards of his talent and dedication.

"He would always say '7am people, it's on ya!'", said former 21 News anchor Glenn Stevens, who recognized McCullough's gift as they both launched their careers at different local stations.

"A.C. and I started our broadcasting in Youngstown in the same year 1971," Stevens said. "He had the talent to go to a big market, a much bigger station but he just loved Youngstown and he loved the people of The Valley and he was perfectly content to get up and wake 'em up and get 'em started on their day."

He did it with the simple things - being generous with his time, loving his work and the sixth sense needed to succeed in morning radio.

"He was always on the cutting edge of music," said Joe Dobbins, who worked with McCullough at Hot 101 for years, describing him as a pop culture savant with a unique eye for fashion...perhaps only exceeded by a persona that transcended religion, politics and culture.

"He was just a down-to-earth, great person to speak with," recalled Dobbins. "He never had anything bad to say about anybody, he was just a sweet man...he gave you an opportunity to have conversations with him regardless of how difficult they were or not; he was able look at things from a different perspective and share things from a different perspective."

A perspective that carried A.C. McCullough through more than five decades in broadcasting.
A career that's carried generations of listeners through the good and the bad.

McCullough passed away Friday night at the age of 76.