The Water Quality Association (WQA) is offering suggestions for temporary measures East Palestine residents can take as the village continues to recover from a fiery train derailment just a few weeks ago.

WQA Technical Affairs Director, Eric Yeggy says possible groundwater contamination is a concern, particularly for residents on private well supplies. Yeggy added that those who receive their water through municipal systems should pay attention for any potentially new instructions from local officials.

According to a press release from the WQA, Norfolk Southern has submitted a correction plan to the Ohio EPA on Monday pledging to install wells to monitor groundwater and sample soil.

In the meantime, well owners in the area are encouraged to test their systems and seek appropriate remedies as soon as possible. In a press release, the WQA provided a three-step process to make an informed decision:

- Step 1: Speak with a local water quality expert

- Step 2: Test your home's water for contaminants 

- Step 3: Seek products to treat those contaminants

Those who believe to be at risk with their water supply should use bottled water for drinking and cooking purposes.

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