A woman who became famous exposing a utility companies part in contaminating a community’s water supply has announced where and when she’ll hold a town hall in East Palestine.

Environmental activist Erin Brockovich will appear with attorney Mikal Watts at 6 p.m., Friday, February 24 at the East Palestine High School Auditorium, 360 Grant Street, East Palestine.

According to a tweet from Brockovich, the purpose of the town hall is to work with those impacted by the February 3 derailment of Norfolk Southern tankers containing toxic chemicals.

Brockovich says she and Watts will explain people’s legal rights at the meeting, which will have limited space.

Those wishing to attend may register by following the below link.‍

Brockovich has been critical of the government response to the disaster, last week calling on the Biden administration to get more involved.

In 1993, Brockovich became a well-known whistleblower when she spoke out against the Pacific Gas & Electric Company.

She became part of the case against PG&E after finding an unexplained sickness affecting the people of Hinckley, California. Her work helped uncover the poisoning of Hinkley's water for more than 30 years by the company for leaking toxic chemicals into the groundwater.

More than 600 residents filed a lawsuit against PG&E after it was released that the chemical hexavalent chromium caused severe illness in almost every Hinkley home.

PG&E was required to pay $333 million to those affected by the pollution.

Her story became popularized by the 2000 film Erin Brockovich with Julia Roberts in the title role.