A woman who lived five houses away from the East Palestine chemical train derailment has joined the list of those suing Norfolk Railroad, claiming ill heath effects as a result.

A class action lawsuit filed by Cincinnati attorneys Markovitz, Stock & Demarco claims that their client Tina Ibel has experienced headaches, burning nose, runny nose, sore throat, persistent coughing, itchy and irritated eyes, and itchy skin due to exposure of the toxic chemicals that leaked and burned following the February 3 derailment.

According to the lawsuit, Ibel lives on East Clark Street, 4-hundredths of a mile from the crash site.

Evacuating her home on the Sunday following the derailment, Ibel stayed at a hotel until returning home five days later, according to the lawsuit.

The complaint alleges that Ibel’s home and property were blanketed in noxious smoke and chemical vapors, leaving a chemical or burning order on her property and inside her home.

When the lawsuit was filed this past Friday, a burned out train car remained 4 to 5 houses down from Ibel’s home, according to the complaint.

The attorneys are asking the court to allow people who lived or worked within 15 miles of the derailment to also seek damages from Norfolk Southern, speculating that many, if not all of the village's 4,500 residents were impacted.

Like the other eight class action suits filed in the days following the derailment, the latest alleges neglect on the part of the railroad which has yet to file a response to those complaints.