The newly-opened East Palestine health clinic is once again expanding its area of service, now accepting patients from even more townships in Columbiana County and even one in Mahoning County.

According to a news release from Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine, the clinic has expanded to serve patients in Middleton, Fairfield, Elkrun and St. Clair Townships in Columbiana County, as well as Springfield Township in Mahoning County.

The clinic has been opened since Tuesday, February 21. So far it has completed 77 appointments including individual, couple and family visits. 

Since its opening, the clinic had previously expanded to offer vital sign readings and physicians on site to examine patients. 

There are still some appointments available for Saturday, so if you or someone you know is concerned about any potential illness caused by exposure to toxic chemicals, you can call 234-564-7755 or 234-564-7888 to schedule an appointment.

If you can't get an appointment Saturday, the clinic will once again be open Monday through Friday next week.