The East Palestine train derailment has had a far reaching impact on businesses even outside of the village.

21 News reporter Leslie Huff spoke with one farm in Columbiana who says they have lost nearly half of their business, not because there is anything wrong with their product, but because of fear of the unknown.

For Lamppost Farm in Columbiana, their sales have dramatically fell by 50%.  Executive director Steve Montgomery says concerns about product contamination is the reason they are seeing a decrease. 

"People are very concerned about purchasing from us and questioning whether or not the food is viable here," Montgomery said. 

As of now the land and animals on the farm are showing no signs of degeneration resulting from the train derailment, but the farm team wants to restore their customers confidence in the cleanliness of their products. 

Located upstream from ground zero in East Palestine, Montgomery is thankful the toxic fallout did not impact the health of the farm and its crops. His next step is eliminating any doubt.

Montgomery hopes donations from a GoFundMe they have set up will alleviate a projected revenue loss of at least $50,000.

Profits from their GoFundMe will also help cover the cost of ongoing testing of the land and products.