Youngstown Police says they want people to know that threatening others over social media is a crime.

Police Captain Jason Simon tells 21 News that such behavior won’t be tolerated.

"There are consequences for your actions," said Captain Simon. "Whether they're on social media or whether it's in person," he said.

Simon’s warning comes after the Northern Ohio Violent Crimes Fugitive Task Force arrested 25-year-old Victornykque Nixon on Monday at a home on Medford Avenue.

The prosecutor’s office filed one count of attempted murder against Nixon in Youngstown Municipal Court.

A 30-year-old South Side woman showed investigators what police say were two Facebook videos of Nixon talking about wanting the woman dead, including an offer to pay someone as much as $5,000 to kill the woman.

The alleged victim obtained a protection order, but told police that Nixon couldn’t be located to be served with the order.

According to a police report, Nixon posted a message on Facebook stating, “I’m not getting served. Take it up with God”.

In instances like these, social media becomes a tool that can help law enforcement monitor potential threats. Captain Simon wants people to know, they're always watching.

"In many cases we do find evidence on social media," Captain Simon told 21 News. "I mean, our detectives along with doing very traditional door to door investigations have had to become experts in previewing and perusing social media," he said. 

As of Wednesday, Nixon was arraigned in court and is in jail on a $250,000 bond.