It's been a little more than six weeks since the disaster in East Palestine and many businesses there are still struggling. 
On Saturday, visitors from three different states drove home the message that businesses there need help.
Downtown East Palestine shortly after 11:00 a.m.  hundreds of Jeep owners, their families and friends drove down North Market Street as part of the Jeep Invasion. 
The Jeep owners who traveled a distance are here to support local businesses that have been struggling since the Norfolk Southern train derailment.
"The Jeep community is huge! We love to support local towns and we benefit so many other people and places. We've traveled all over the country doing this kind of stuff," Jacob Tate said.
He and his wife and children took part in the parade then went shopping.
Kids faces lit up along with adults as they stood curbside to watch. 
Jeep owners are known for ducking, which means they keep ducks with notes on them handy then for other jeep owners.
At this Jeep Invasion they also tossed plastic ducks to kids and adults along the street as a way to put smiles on faces.
Each person who took part was able to receive a free T-Shirt that says First annual East Palestine Jeep Invasion 2023.
After the parade folks spent money and also grabbed a bite to eat before heading home.
Renee and Rexall Thompson tell WFMJ News they were going to go around and do some shopping to support the community. 
Jeep owners Wayne and Leslie along with their dog Blue, joined their fellow Jeep enthusiasts, then went shopping to help local small businesses in East Palestine.
Other Jeep owners who have lived through the crisis also took part to show some love to folks in their community.
"Just to come out and show our support. Our kids go to East Palestine schools and we love it here and we love our community," Wayne and Leslie McCaully said.
Some hope this will become a yearly event.