Governor Mike DeWine is calling on Alan Shaw to support rail safety legislation. 

Ahead of Norfolk Southern CEO Alan Shaw's Tuesday testimony before the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, Governor Mike DeWine is asking Shaw to show support for bi-partisan rail safety legislation. 

In a letter addressed to Shaw, Governor DeWine asks Shaw to support efforts to improve rail safety, as well as work with legislators to reach the best possible policy outcome for the proposed legislation. 

Governor DeWine highlights some of the proposed safety measures outlined in the the two bipartisan bills, including the suggested requirement of two-person crews on all freight trains and light engines, as well as wayside detection systems placed no more than 15 miles apart.

The preliminary report from the National Transportation Safety Board indicates that an overheated bearing contributed to the derailment in East Palestine, suggesting that more regular placement of hot boxes could have prevented the tragedy.

In the letter, Governor DeWine states that the people of East Palestine are owed a commitment from Norfolk Southern that everything possible is being done to prevent similar derailments in the future and that their community and other communities across the country will not again be the victims of a similar accident.

Governor DeWine also mentioned that Shaw fell short during his March 22 testimony before the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, where he failed to fully endorse the rail safety legislative initiatives. 

The letter reads in part: 

"It is our expectation that you will champion all good faith efforts to improve rail safety, and we are calling on you today to work with legislators to ensure the best policy outcomes in these proposals. We also expect you will deliver for the people of East Palestine by fully supporting these legislative efforts until they are enacted," said DeWine.