The Ohio Attorney General's Office accepted a petition to amend part of the Ohio Consitution which sets the state's minimum wage.

The written petition "Raise the Wage Ohio Amendment," was sent to the Attorney General's Office on March 27, proposing to increase the minimum wage rate and modify requirements for various groups of employees.

The original version was rejected by the AG's Office on October 14, 2022, because of summary omissions.

According to the release, a modified version was approved on October 28 but additional changes were made.

The Attorney General's Office accepted the third version of the petition.

Now that the proposal has been accepted, the Ohio Ballot Board has to determine if the proposal contains a single constitutional amendment or multiple. If the board certifies the proposal, the petitioners will need to collect signatures from voters equal to 10% of the vote cast in the most recent gubernatorial election.

The signatures also need to come from voters in at least 44 of Ohio's 88 counties.

If the signatures are verified by the Ohio Secretary of State at least 65 days prior to the election, the proposed amendment will be placed on the next regular or general election.