Portions of Canfield Township who are currently relying on well water for drinking and septic water will soon see a change in how they receive their water soon.

A meeting between Canfield Township and ABC Water District was conducted at Canfield Township Hall on Thursday to discuss an agreement between ABC and Youngstown to have Youngstown provide city water to Canfield Township.

Project leader and Canfield Township Administrator, Keith Rogers tells 21 News this project is a win for all involved.

As it stands, the northwest and southwest quadrants of Canfield Township are relying on well water. With this project, these portions of the township could get drinking water from the City of Youngstown.

With the agreement, ABC Water District will own the infrastructure in Youngstown and Youngstown Water will supply the water with the water being run under Youngstown's license.

According to Rogers, this will provide better, more consistent water quality to Canfield Township while also adding extra customers to Youngstown.

In addition to better quality drinking water, Rogers says this agreement would help the Cardinal Joint Fire District. Rogers tells 21 News that the fire department uses pumper trucks and mutual aid from other fire departments for both the northwest and southwest quadrants of the township.

With this agreement, the township will be able to install fire hydrants every 1,000 feet. Once these phases are complete, residents' ISO rating will drop by two points and residents will see a reduction in their fire insurance costs.

Rogers says there will be multiple phases to this project due to the total buildout for the water lines and water towers costing about $30 million.

Currently, the township has secured $1 million in funding thanks to efforts from Representative, Al Cutrona, a request sent by U.S. Senator, Sherrod Brown on behalf of the township, and another $325,000 in ARP funds from township trustees.

Rogers thanked Youngstown Mayor, Jamael "Tito" Brown, Youngstown Law Director, Jeff Limbian and Youngstown Water Commissioner, Harry Johnson for their help in planning for this project.

Valley Congressman, Bill Johnson and Cardinal Joint Fire Chief, Don Hutchinson have also expressed support for this project.